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The Website Revamp

The Official Ultravox website gets a revamp! It's been a long and winding road, but we're there at last. The sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed that the structure is similar to my work site, graphic & web design agency Aardvark Creative. This is because I always had EV in the back of my mind when designing Aardvark - the theme switching, how it would work, how it would be laid out. EV is me and Aardvark is me, so I wanted them to look like they came from the same stable. I'm really pleased how both came out - and judging by your fantastic feedback, so are you! :o)

OK, so what's new?

Well, EV has seen not one transformation, but SIX! You can now choose which album theme you would like the site to look like, and it will retain your choice either until you choose a different one, or until you clear your browser cookies. Even the band photos in the header change!

Not only that, but on the U-Vox theme, due to the logo design the header now says U-VOX.org.uk. Wait! I hear you cry - that's not right! But as it turns out it is, because we also now have the u-vox.org.uk domain. And uvox.org.uk, for good measure.

There is now a consistent navigation throughout, even when you're in the Forum or Media Archive. That should make it a lot easier to get about from one area to another.

In the Media Archive, you can now send electronic postcards of any image there, to anyone.

In the Forum, there are LOTS of new features. Active Topics shows you the latest posts and ones that you haven't replied to yet. Who's Online shows you just that, accurate to within 1 minute - and the litle red or green dot next to someone's name in a topic tells you whether they're around right now. You can upload your own avatar and change it as often as you like. There are new fun emoticons. You can embed images, documents and YouTube / Google / Vimeo videos into your posts using the litle markup panel when you hit 'Reply' or 'Quote'. You can also post polls, send Private Messages (PMs), post hidden 'spoiler' content and have small signatures. Just explore the settings under My Stuff and the markup panel icons when you make a post.

Forum features

So what are my plans now..?

  • I have approached every major Ultravox pro photographer with regards to featuring their photos on the site, so at last we can have some proper studio shots (I have professional connections to most, through EMI). Around three quarters have replied so far, all except one to date have said yes. I'll start adding their fantastic photos, shortly.
  • The new Articles section will gather together interviews both new and old, together with interesting extracts from issues of Extreme Voice (the official Ultravox fanzine) that you might have missed.
  • The Lyrics section is just that - but will at some point in the future become 'Information' and also house both the Discography and Gigography.
  • Adding content - lots of it. With the revamp and server move out of the way I can now start uploading content in my spare time, and plan to do so every week if I am able. Lots of exciting stuff to add to the Media Archive!

So what do I know about the new album?

What I know and what I can say are slightly different - VERY slightly. But not for long, as things are finally gearing up towards an announcement of a release date.

  1. Will it be out on Universal?
    No, the Universal deal that Midge spoke of fell through - I don't know why.
  2. Will it be out on a major label?
    Yes, but I can't yet say which label that is, until it's a done deal. A synchronised announcement will be made when the time comes, with midgeure.com and billycurrie.com.
  3. Will it be called End of the Odyssey?
    I've no idea. Album titles are still being batted around and at time of writing, one has not yet been settled on at time of writing.
  4. What format will it be in?
    I'm aware of the planned format, but it hasn't been confirmed yet so I can't say.
  5. Has the sleeve been designed yet?
    Not yet, but since a date announcement is imminent, I imagine it's being started any day now.
  6. Who will design it?
    I've been told that it will be Rian Hughes, who designed the beautiful Moments From Eden package - but that's not yet been confirmed.
  7. Will there be a tour to support it?
    As far as I'm aware that is in the plan, yes - but that has not yet been confirmed.
  8. Will there be a special Townsend Records offer?
    Yes, a special offer is planned, but the details are not yet confirmed so this could be subject to change.
  9. Can I hear a preview?
    Yes, Midge has been playing one of the new tracks in his solo shows lately and it has been posted to YouTube (below).
  10. Midge mentioned something about a DVD..?
    Yes, apparently a documentary DVD is planned, on the writing and recording of the new album.
  11. When will you know more?
    Soon, I think - things seem to have started to happen at last, and Chris tweeted today that "Things are gravitating to a big red GO button, we had a very productive day in Metropolis last week. What a day it's turning out to be......", so I imagine it won't be long. I'll keep you posted as I hear more.
  12. What's the latest today?
    Midge just tweeted 30 minutes ago that he and Chris are "Off to meetings in London re:album release. Let's get this thing moving!!!", along with a photo (below).

Midge and Chris off to meetings in London for album release